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Where Amateurs learn how to be Professionals

Where Professionals stay and continue to develop in sports related occupations




your passion meets your purpose!

TOGETHER, we can turn dreams into reality!

The most important season is...

THE OFF SEASON! "Training"

Do these things:

1. TECHNICAL - Develop hard skills through repetition - dribble, pass, shoot, defense, rebound

2. TACTICAL - Develop soft skills, understanding the game and learning nuances to react

3. ATHLETIC - Develop a specific physical (strength, speed, quickness) and nutritional (properly fuel your body for performance and recovery) plan

4. INTANGIBLE - Develop a mental plan working on confidence, personal faith and mental toughness

5. TOGETHER - Find a mentor who can help with planning and provide accountability to goals

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looking for the next group of young men ready to become AMBASSADORS!


Jeff Amazon, Ambassadors '12

Tyler Gaskins, Ambassadors '11

Mike Anderson, Ambassadors '10